Packing up your home – expert tips

If you are packing up your possessions yourself here’s a few expert tips from Cheltenham Removal Company Ltd to help ensure you wrap and pack your items appropriately for a safe transit. For specialist packing materials and advice speak to one of the team.


  • Start packing non-essential items at least two weeks before you move
  • Use specialist packing materials – Cheltenham Removal Company can advise and supply these to you free if using our removal services, contact us for further details and advice
  • Wrap breakable and fragile items individually and carefully with plenty of padding
  • Avoid having items moving or rattling around loosely in boxes
  • Pack plates on their side to avoid all weight being loaded on the bottom plates
  • Cushions and small furnishings make good packing fillers
  • Do not overfill boxes
  • Clearly mark on your boxes the contents and room
  • Boxes must be properly closed flat for stacking and moving
  • Securely seal all boxes with parcel tape
  • Wrap pictures and mirrors separately in protective material
  • Whenever possible pack TVs, DVDs, computers, laptops etc in their original boxes, if not available wrap and pack in sturdy boxes
  • Remember to clear and pack items from any outdoor sheds and outbuildings
  • Ensure everything is packed the night before your moving date


Items that should not be packed

There are some items that may be unsafe to pack and which we cannot transport by law, as well as any personal effects you may need, such as an overnight bag and other essentials.


Do not pack:

  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Gas canisters
  • Anything flammable or explosive
  • Perishables such as food or plants


Personal items to keep with you:

  • Overnight bag if required
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Any medication for family members
  • SOS Kit: Kettle, cups, tea/coffee, milk, sugar, cold drinks, can opener, scissors, torch, tissues, toilet paper
  • Useful contact numbers – Cheltenham Removal Company; solicitor etc
  • Games, books for children

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    Ask for a FREE survey!!
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    Safe storage

    Should there be a delay between moving from your old home to your new one goods can be safely stored on the vehicles overnight, or we offer special containerised storage facilities for longer periods. Visit our storage page for details.

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