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There is no doubt that moving pianos is one of the trickiest jobs when it comes time to move homes. They are large, oddly shaped, heavy and of course expensive to repair. Here at Cheltenham Removal Company Ltd we completely understand the process that goes into piano removals.

Sometimes people decide to do parts of a move themselves, for various reasons, from money saving to not being able to trust something precious in stranger’s hands. But there are actually some very good reasons you should hire professional movers like us.

We have experience in piano removals Cheltenham and surrounding areas. Over 30 years of it in fact! We have managed all kinds of different pianos, and we know how to deal with any size, weight, and shape.

Professional team of movers

Our team is skilled and has all the equipment needed, piano shoes, protective covers, piano skates, and wheels so that as we move it, there is no damage. Then at our removal vehicle (that has air suspension), we use a hydraulic platform to lift the piano in. We work like a well-oiled team at every stage making sure the move is smooth, careful and damage free. The techniques we use at Cheltenham Removal Company Ltd come from our experience and work whether you have a smaller 400lb piano or something much grander and larger.

Why leave it to us?

There is a skill to safely packing up a piano for removal, one we have honed over the years. But three big reasons to let use handle piano removals Cheltenham based are;

• The weight of even the smallest piano is not something someone can handle on their own. The weight is not distributed evenly either. A person could easily damage it when they try to lift a corner and lose balance or their grip and drop it. Even if you have friends or family help you, the parts are delicate and inexperience is a real danger to accidents happening.

• There are certain techniques that we use that are specifically because of the uneven shape. Looking at those techniques on Google does not give you the actual 30 years of experience using them.

• There are safety factors in piano removals not just for the piano but for yourself too. A wrong lift, being off balance, there are multiple ways you could injure yourself, and sometimes those muscles take a long time to heal. We know the correct way to hold our balance, where to bend and lift from and how to position our arms and bodies to avoid injuries.

Piano removals Cheltenham – You play it, we’ll move it!

Whether you are the musician in the family or someone else, we will use our specialist skills and experience to ensure your precious piano stays safe in our hands. From the moment we come to pack it up, to the drive to the destination, to placing it into its new position, Cheltenham Removal Company has it covered.

It can be a part of a large removal service, hire us for your house moving needs, or we are happy to come out and just move your piano for you to anywhere in the UK. On our site find our contact form or give us a call today on 01242 820066. We are happy to offer you a quote for free, no-obligation at all!

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