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When looking for a moving company you, of course, want a team of professionals who have experience, act in a professional manner, keep to the schedule and take care of your belongings. But what some businesses can offer on top of their skill as professional movers, is a place to also store certain belongings, storage Cheltenham or wherever.

The unpredictability of moving!

There are all kinds of reasons why you might need to be some things in storage and all kinds of things that need storing! Perhaps you are not going straight to the final destination yet, perhaps you have downgraded and need to put away some things as there is no room. Sometimes when you need a storage option you might think that as a separate concern to finding a removal business. But if you come to Cheltenham Removal Company Ltd not only do we offer excellent and professional moving services, we also have a safe and secure storage area for you to use.

When buying and selling homes there is a chain involved and sometimes while you have to get out of your home by move date, as things have gone fine your end, the home you have bought might have sellers who are being held up. Storage Cheltenham based is a great way to handle this. Whether you have a few small boxes, a vehicle or large furniture to store, our team will get it there just as safely.

Saving you another headache

Moving is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Unpredictable things happening can cause a lot of headaches! You can help avoid some of that by planning ahead so that come move day there are no setbacks. Our expert team from the company owner to the movers and packers themselves know the importance of being organized. Part of that can be having storage organized.

How it works

We come to your home, pack the belongings carefully in wooden containers which are then sealed with security clips. A complete inventory is made for each container you take with us which we will give to you. We then bring them to the storage units where we forklift them in. When it is time to transport them to you, we will load the containers into our lorries and bring them to you still sealed and safe and in the same condition they were in when packed. We will even help you unpack! Your goods will not get confused with another client’s or vice versa.

Secure storage Cheltenham and surrounding areas can use

We have storage units in several locations in both Worcestershire and Gloucestershire that are insured and safe and exclusively for our client’s use. Whether you need us to store office equipment, personal items or household goods they can be stored using both short and long term options. From as little as 48 hours to more – our longest storage time for a client so far is over 25 years!

No one else has access to the units so no one else will be walking around them. We manage them ourselves. They are all alarmed and we use Closed Circuit Television monitoring as well. Our rates are competitive and container size is typically 153 cm x 183 cm x 213 cm (7 cubic metres), or 35 sq ft (250 cubic feet). Give us a call today on 01242 820066 to discuss how we can help you with your move and with your storage needs.

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